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- Custom events include (one or all) + Art, Horses, Archery, Cultural art.

- Donations are not refundable, we do offer credit. 

- We reserve the right to refuse service, cancel or change the daily schedule or event dates without 24hr notice, for any reason (emergency).

- ALL of our activities with horses are held  "AT YOUR OWN RISK"

- This is our 9th year preserving access to native family run activities on the Rancho.

- Please have your own medical coverage. 

- We can not do this without you...Thank you for your support.

Please Pay with "Zelle" 

(not on this webpage)

Send your payment to 805-570-5075 (avoid the processing fees)

 SAVE US from "ONLINE PROCESSING FEES" ..."Zelle" payment to 805-570-5075 

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