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The Game Keeper Inc.

est. 1975 Santa Barbara, Ca

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Way back when, Santa Barbara had

a Picadilly Square.

LEFT; Photo of

Rachel Friedman my Grandmother (pictured on the Left) and Cheryl Stern my Mother (on the Right) photo taken in Picadilly Square.

The Original and first Game Keeper Store, was opened in Picadilly Square 1975 and the last store closed in 2000 when over 75 Stores.

This little game shop was located, on the main level. Across from The Bears Picnic , the Old Fashioned photo booth" and Candy Corner.

"The Game Keeper" was run and operated by these two ladies who included the whole family in the workforce for over 35 years.

Thank you for reading about the people who have supported my dream.

"Please show your support if you are looking for a gift or a family game!

- Sadie Stern

Rancho Palomino Director

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