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Rancho Summer Details 2022

​SUMMER weeks are on sale until April 30th!!

Hurry... Seats are limited!

 Rotation of activities, everyday something a little new.

Horsemanship, cultural arts, hand building crafts, local stories , native history, 

trade skills, archery, native songs, fun activities & games

Daily needs: Water Bottle, Lunch, closed shoes, long pants, full t-shirt, 

(optional) towel, water suit, change of clothing

Daily Horsemanship and Riding 

30-40 min per day per student, in saddle - Sleep away students may ride up to 2hr max daily

Remember: horses are living 1200lb animals, please have realistic expectations about time in saddle will a  large class m-f. We may have a occasional HOT summer days when we call a "bath day" and skip riding for the horses sake. We keep our primary focus on concern for animals wellbeing. 


Horsemanship is 1 to 1.5 hr. (per group) we usually split the day into 3 rotation groups 

(= 30 minute turns on horseback) some days we will be out on the lesson trail & other days in the covered arena, 

we cover a large variety of information over a week of lessons, both on and off horses. Everyday Rides are in a controlled lesson environment with trainer.

Rancho riders are responsible for safety of others and themselves on the ranch. 

Depending on a variety of factors we have 4-5 horses that work a low impact 3-4 hour day Mon-Sat. 9:am - 11:30 and 

 11:45 LUNCH 12:30- 2:pm last rotation 2:-2:15 

then GROUP  Skit Stories 2:20-3:00 3:00-3:20 SNACK /Free time and final 30 clean up & pack up!


We encourage experienced students help less experienced. older students are encouraged to take leadership roles in our daily activity.


 As always ....Optional tent CAMPOUT every Friday night!

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