Preserving indiginous Santa Barbara traditions; farming, horsemanship, cultural art & trade skills NON-Profit 501c3 


The purpose of our farm is to share what we love with the world. 
Farms carry our most precious resources they are a place for cultivating so much more than food..
We must reduce our farm sizes so we have less factory food. More small community farms create a local connection to our shared resources,
 We believe clean land = 
clean waterand saying it isn't enough.
We know we need to pay attention to our environment.
 Ditching factory farms is a big deal. It is important to preserve access to little farms. Our mission is to preserve our access to these traditional lifestyles and the natural neurological balance connectedness provides is needed. We also have to be out in nature to enjoy farming activities. We grew up here and the farms are all but gone. We used to ride horses from our home to the parks and trails. We had a very horse friendly community until recently.

e can unify over farms and cultivating food on small local plots of land and create communities of collective food sharing. Nothing is free for a small farmer but hard work and shared expense can create change.... We are cultivating a clear vision that includes you! 

Life is better outside with friends. Come help us build a new way of farming. Bring the family and lets keep our community focus on making a better world outside. U
ntil we See you on the farm.
 - The Rancho Palomino family 

"Membership directly supports our expenses to rescue and rehab animals in need. We continue to provide care for many years after our animals retirement keeping them busy and loved. We can only do this with your help. Thank you for helping us keep our
rescued animals living long socially active lives we also welcome sponsors for any of our rescued animals. call to help us afford the horses we love. 805-570-5075

WE absolutely LOVE MEMBERS! you are welcome to stop in with treats for the animals (by appointment only due to our scheduled activities.) we also invite you to participate working at your comfort level on the farm and with the animals. 

We host a early Members Only Thank you Dinner in October..
You are helping build a model for inclusive family farming.
Meet our members and the Rancho animals, while you enjoy good food and good conversations.

A farm is a labor of love and a reality of riches. We are not made of money... Please enjoy and build it with us. 
Sadie Bustillos Artist and Director