Preserving indiginous Santa Barbara traditions; farming, horsemanship, cultural art & trade skills - 501c3 Non-Profit 


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Thank you for supporting our FARM activities!   

We love to share our families love of Santa Barbara and preserve the traditions we enjoyed as children growing upo here. We take pride in treaching our local traditions. 

LARGER Riding Arena and Trail Riding will be NEW THIS SUMMER 2020!

We will be tent camping at our new location/ family home. enjoy sleeping under the starts and playing on the bouldres that have remains of aincient Chumash villagers. We will be hosting a couple meet and greets so please call to get on our list to tour the summer locations. 

DAILY - Horseback riding, Art, Archery, Cultural Art, Agriculture. Animal care & More

We will be sending more details to everyone before summer by email.   

Balance is due first day of your week at drop off. total is $650 with processing until May1 when our sale ends. after the price per person is 800.00. thank you

what is your Childs name age and ability, what is your name, email and phone

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