Preserving indiginous Santa Barbara traditions; farming, horsemanship, cultural art & trade skills - 501c3 Non-Profit 


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Membership for the YEAR Single ADULT


Members are everything!

We have a hard time making ends meet... You are the reason we can provide the care our animals deserve.

Your contribution helps us provide ferrier (hoof care), medical and feed for our 6 rescued animals.

Your membership is broken down into  $20 per month paid in full once a year.

Welcome to the Rancho family!

Members help make it all happen. Dinners are announced through the year. All our dinners are to honnor and connect with our members so we can keep you up on what we are doing. 

HUGE thank you from all of us including our furry & featherd farm living friends!  

what is your name, what is your email and phone?

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