Enrichment activities w/ professional instruction. Preserving old world trades & traditions. Est. 2015  


After School Riding Lessons 3-4:30 or 3:30-5pm


After school Sign up is open now.!

Welcome all our new and return students. 

We are planning a fantastic after school program for Art Archery and Riding.

We now offer 1.5 hr lessons after school from 3-4:30 and from 3:30- 5pm\

We offer a discount for 4 lessons one day after school a week $60 per lesson. 

$240.00 per month. for 4 lessons and $65 for single lessons. 

We will now be offering trail experiences to more advanced riders. 

We offer 6 lessons per afternoon. with 6 amazing horses. 

what is your Childs name age and ability, what is your name, email and phone

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