a home grown santa barbara community benefit project (est.2015) 



Rancho Palomino, Santa Barbara
2018/2019 After School Personal Enrichment Program

Offering focused enrichment activities in 
Horsemanship, Arts, Agriculture & Animal Care

Sign up for 2018/2019 school year on the sign up page (above).
We will also be expanding to include trail rides, museums, movie days
and other fun about town.
We keep our prices as low as possible...

drop in 1 day a week 4x a month $100.00  (+ optional $80 for pick up 4x month) 
drop in 2 days a week 8x a month $200.00 (+ optional $100 for pick up 8x month) 
drop in 3 days a week 12x a month $300.00 (+ optional $160 for pick up 12x month)

Note: We add a payment processing fee to all online payments. 
We appreciate your understanding and support. 
Carpool is almost full.

Credit is given for school closures and put toward full day activities of your choice. 
 We are open afterschool Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 

Monday Afterschool Schedule 
Week 1 & 3 Agriculture Archery Arts  at Various Locations
week 2 & 4 Horseback Riding  at Arena

Tuesday Aferschool Schedule
Week 1 & 3 Horseback Riding  at Arena
Week 2 & 4 Agriculture Archery Arts at Various Locations
Thursday afterschool schedule
 Monthly EARLY RELEASE please add $80 per month