Est. 2015



Mission and Vision
- Encourage and support local urban family farms 
(under 3 acres)
- Increase our community connection to our silent partners 
(the plants & animals).
- Better understand how to care for our planet and it's 
eco-systems through fun educational activities that encourage community participation.
- Access to the mental & physical health benefits horses, animal care & farming provide us naturally.
- unique, organic, inclusive, affordable educational enrichment
- Small farming is the future & we want to help find a way there 
- Inspire New & fun community agriculture programs that provide tools to create new ways to share our natural resources.
- Help neighborhoods organize to share free food!
- Together we can take our food to the local level
- Slow FOOD is a direct immediate way to decrease our waste!
- Please join in and inspire us to keep going! 
  "See you on the Farm."  -The RPSB family

George Bustillos & Sadie Stern-Bustillos with rescued horse Apache aka (Pickles) & a Chicken named pig on the Rancho

Rancho Plaomino Santa Barbara

 Support the Farm and Rescue Join this organic community farming project... SIGN UP, Sponsor, Volunteer!

Location NEWS

"M.R.R" Modoc Riding Ring 
- Earl Warren Showgrounds
- Rancho OSO (up 154) Horse Camping
- Beaches, Parks and more locations for after school and break activities 2019
 - adding other exciting locations to our Horsemanship Cultural Arts and Agricultire Afterschool program 2019. 
- We look forward to being exceptionally creative between all of our locations.
- Parks, Trails, Beaches, Local Sights to see and Places to Visit 
- Exciting to get out and about with our students year round.  


- We are becoming "Project Focused" stay tuned for our new non competitive and competitive Groups focused on...
 - Robotic Engeneering, Ag Science and Cottage Craft. 

- We are organizing our After School Program for Next Year! 
- A
dding NEW focused educational material to our cirriculum.

Interested in 4-H?  Please send us a email... We want to hear from you!! 
- Forming our "projects of interest" for 2019 please get involved. 
- We need 5 families to start a group for Santa Barbara City. Email US!

Trail Walks and Rides are now offered this summer and coming school year. 

- I grew up riding trails in Santa Barbara and Goleta.
- We need to protect our trails for equestrian use  Horses helped build our beautiful country. 
- I am so excited to add trail riding and walks this coming year. 
- We will go to many locations and enjoy trail riding and nature.
- We have so many trails to see and experience. Excited to get our horses and students out together
- WE have rescued horses to add to our program that are ready to go. We have so many places to show them.