Dream - Learn - PlayLove - Repeat 

Holiday Activities 2018??? ...We Train ELVES!
Gift making all winter on the farm
We play with the animals and the horses come enjoy the fun!
Sign up to Ride, be creative and love the animals.

YES... WE ARE hosting activities now!
We would love to see you this school year, Sign up! 

Pick up Full on Thursday, Drop off always open. 

Can't wait to see you for our 2019 Sleep-away
"SUMMER in Paradise"...registration is OPEN!
All weeks will be spent camping Santa Barbara style.

all the old and new
 Rancho Offerings Summer 2019 and Year Round!

trail ride. Arts. Horsemanship. cooking. Archery.  

Our activities are Reunited with the farm animals; 
Wednesday (cow), Gordon (pig) & Gus -n- Leo (goats)
the Horses; Apache, Bllet, Ranger, Patches & Stormy

 Photo of Summer 2018 ...We miss you!