501(c)3 not for profit  EIN 82-2539372 
                  Cultural Preserve, Indigenous Educational Family Farm & Animal Rescue  


Preserving Indigenous Cultural Activities
 on the Coast of Santa Barbara 

Family farm, animal rescue 501(C)3 NP

Encourage independent thinking and questioning to create a better future.
Promote natural mental & physical health through farming and animal care.

7 years Peserving SB's Native Traditions!

Before you arrive: PLEASE read and sign our liability release. 
Visits and participation is always AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Subjects we enjoy :
Culture, History, Humanities, Trades, Philosophy, Archery, Horsemanship,
Animal Care, Agriculture & Arts

Custom Events: 
Birthdays, Family Gatherings & Group Activities 

Providing Community Cultural Arts & 
Agricultural Science Educationon

Trade SKILL Building, Farming, Animal Care, Horsemanship, Ag Sciences.
Selflessness, natural physical and mental health, responsability, diversity, self reliance 

integrity, work ethic, and inclusion.

We focus on goals to bring about a better community connection to this lands roots.
Santa Barbara's indigenous farming traditions. How to thrive in these times of adversity.

Education is evolving we believe in Co-Creting what we want our minds filled with.
This dream is continually evolving. We see it as a huge project in its first years of development. We need your support because we believe in our
collective ability to build a better future together. 

Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara Micro family Farm and Rescue
 501(c)3 Not for Profit Horse Rescue & Agricultural Community Project. 
*ALL SALES FINAL *NO REFUNDS *Credit on a case by case basis
 501c3 Donations support our animal rescue and are very appreciated! 

We reserve the right to cancel, refuse service or reschedule for any reason without notice.