Preserving acceess to farm activities, creative arts, artisan trades & native cultural traditions  Est. 2015  


Please call ahead to make a reservation or sign up by clicking below.
Only $80 per day! Horseback riding, Arts, Games, Obstacle course fun and more! 

SIGN UP for Fall fun on the farm!
Daily fun activities for youth of all ages! 
Dia Day Los Muertos, cultural arts, gift making stations 
Art, Archery, H
orseback Riding, Pumpkin carving and Games

Other upcoming Fall and Winter dates for FARM ACTIVITIES!!
November - 2nd, 3rd, 25th, 26th, 27th.

December -  26th through 31st
Drop-off 9:30am and 3:30pm pick up or
2 days and 1 campout - Drop off at 9:30am pick up Following day at 3:30pm

After School Lessons Tuesday - Friday 
Horseback riding. Art. Archery

Horsemanship After school is almost FULL
Riding lesson are fun and are well rounded. We include working on poles, patterns, form, balance and trail. Exercising, grooming, anatomy + more
 ... Gitty Up!.

Focus is at your experience level. Confidence building, problem solving, helping others. Obstacle course, small cavaletti (jumps). Riders learn to work with different horses. Horsemanship, western/English non competitive relaxed & fun.
Walk, trot, canter, grooming & ground work

 4 after school group lessons per month
 $75.00 per lesson $280.00 per Month, 2
hr lesson 1x per week, $300.00 With processing

8 After school group lessons per month 
$75.00 per
 lesson $480.00 
One subject or mix and match 2hr lessons 
$500.00 with processing.

Now located at the "Indian Orchard" 
Indian Orchard is on North San Marcos Rd. before you go up the hill
off 101 at Turnpike, near Tuckers Grove

Appointment is required for all visits; 
call 805-570=5075

 Liability waver is required
for visitors and participants. 
fill out and send your waver online 
(Read, sign and submit your waiver BELOW)

CUSTOMIZE your own Event 
Art, Archery, Animals!
Birthdays, Family Gatherings, Activities & Lessons 

Summer 2020 theme

"Fantasy Island" 

Welcome Trick Riders, Dreamers, Wall Flowers,
Carnival Types & Funny People.

Daily; arts, archery, horsemanship 
cultural art, water play & lore

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Animal Rescue today... 

call or text for more information 
 Call to visit (805) 570-5075
We are open by appointment only. Thank you