RANCHO PALOMINO SANTA BARBARA  501(c)3 not for profit 
Private Cultural Preserve: Chumash Family Farm & Animal Rescue 


Preserving Indigenous Cultures on the Coast of S.B. 
A Chumash family farm, animal rescue &
 grass roots sustainability project. 
We are a family farm, we encourage independent thinking and questioning.
Our activities promote natural mental & physical health through farming and animal care. We are interested in community building to encourage and help grow a network of sustaunable neighborhood food sharing

2020 is our 7th year peserving our local traditions

Before you arrive: PLEASE read and sign our liability release. 
Visits and participation is always AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Subjects we enjoy sharing include: 
Indeginous Chumash Coastal History and the need for Chumash coastal 
Land Occupation issues and Revitalization.

Cultural Art, Humanities, Trades, Philosophy, Archery, Horseback Riding & More 

Hosted Events: 
Birthdays, Family Gatherings & Group Activities 
This projecrt encourages
 selfless thinking, freedom, being responsable, diversity, self reliance 
integrity, work ethic, and inclusion. Focus on goals to bring about a better community in these times of adversity. This dream is continually evolving. We see it as a huge project in its first years of development. We need your support because we believe in our
collective ability to build a better future. 

We are a family farm not a institution of any type.

 501(c)3 Not for Profit (animal rescue) 
*ALL SALES FINAL *NO REFUNDS *Credit on a case by case basis
 501c3 Donations support our animal rescue and are very appreciated! 

We reserve the right to cancel, refuse service or reschedule for any reason without notice.