R          Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara
                     private local family farm est 2015

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Monthly educational enrichment sponsor's needed.
Donate to our "Equine Rescue Fund" today. 

Building a grass roots Urban Micro-Farm & "Member CSA"
"Where we choose to spend our money is more important now than ever before." 
Buying local immediately slows our food. Slow money is key to eliminating unnecessary pollution today! A pro-active approach to healing the environment while growing food and having fun is here! Cultivating healthy mind-environment connection in our community.


Join this page of giving in 2018...

Offer someone the gift of Personal Enrichment. 



(A.K.A. The Game Keeper Inc)

A local shop that was in Piccadilly Square 

"The Game Keeper Inc" 

started in 1975 - on State st until 2002

Now "Chess N Games" ONLINE

The best Family owned game shop!! 

Click on above web link to place a family game order today... Thank you!

 Show some love to your neighbors and friends. 
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Sponsors Help Us offer scholorships to families who need help affording our program.
Our vision for the farm is the inclusion of the entire community, unfortunately the farm does not run for free.

We hope to find sponsors for all different needs. If you are interested in getting involved please call we would love to hear from you. 

Sponsor our Monthly Farm Activities DONATE "Inclusion FUNDING"
How does it work?

You can purchase anything on the Sign-UP page. 
2. Please note that your purchase is intended as a "I.F. gift" to be given away to someone through our "Inclusion Fund"
3. You can also give funding to our "Rescue" "Feed BINS" or "Other"
4. We give your donation by First come First in and we have a list of  community who wish to attend our enrichment programs. You can also tag your gift for a child or adult..
5. Monthly contributions will send a child for the school year and requires a 9 month commitment.
6. Monthly contributions can be made all year for Feed, Vet, Ferrier, Rescue or other. 

This part of our vision is YUGE your donation will get you a plaque here on the farm for your kindness toward others. We need your support to spread the love of Art Farming, Food and the land.