R          Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara 
                       & Quail Creek Archery Range ... PRIVATE FAMILY FARM est 2015

Members make the FARM possible.
"you help FEED the Farm WITH your Gegenerous support." $20per month helps us buy hay, medications, supplements, and other products to care for our rescued animals.
 $20 per month + $10 processing
$250 Family Memebership to Support local organic FOOD!

2018 Members receive...

-$30 Off of FULL DAY Break PROGRAMS & Workshops
 "Members get our 2018 secret $30 discount code" (Call 805-570-5075 to get the code)

 -FREE Family Ticket to the 1st ANNUAL Farm to Fork 3 Dinner series with Chef; "Rodrigo Gimenez Concierno" (RGC)

pick your own seasonal organic food whenever you visit. 

Members are welcome to visit year round, by appointment to see what we are up to and help out!

We hope you will find the farm a welcoming place to share with family and friends. 

Please scroll down to read about our yearly MEMBER CSA & other membership options.

What is a Micro farm CSA Membership? We have a vision to grow enough food to supply as many people with fresh goodies who want to have them. A CSA is a Community Supported Farm with a shared "Food Equity". Because farms are so much work we expect our dedicated members to pay a share to support the work needed to provide fresh organic farm to table product. We can only make this happen with your support. The world has become all plastic wrapped and packaged. We hope to inspire change the environment cant handle the trash and neither can we. We hope to make food a cleaner product that the environment gives us naturally so that we can celebrate it together.

 Trade work for activities on the farm. We have created a few different memberships to meet different needs. We are working on a system now to help you navigate memberships and make it as affordable as possible. our Memer pricing is based on a $20 per month donation model. Please give us feedback if you like. 
"Family" Membership $250 year 
"Lifetime" Family Membership $1200 
"Business" Membership $600 per year 
Business Membership Includes up to 5 employees 
We offer $20hr. work/trade to anyone willing to work on the farm to pay for lessons, membership or other activities.

Members can come to the farm to pick free food from our regular harvests. The bigger we become, the more we can do and give. 

We are open by appointment year round. We love visitors. Usually we are free within a couple of hours for you to visit, we occasionally are not open for family time. 
If we have private events we will not be open to members or visitors for the time of the event but we are usually open before or after.

ALL MEMBERSHIP FEES are based on approximately $20 per month donation to the farm. This support for the farm is paid in one payment for the year. All Fees directly support the farms many daily expenses.

Why Become a member? Members are AWESOME! We are growing and Members support that growth. We offer benefits to members who love being here on the farm. If farming is not for you and you have a business you can become a SPONSOR and support the "Inclusion Fund" I.F. offering up to 50% off to all families who seek this type of natural educational enrichment and find it difficult to afford. We offer natural theraputic animal connection that can include; horseback riding for toddlers as young as 3.-5 years and older by invitation.

Sweet Members...Note that you must also know: 
-We are not supported by Government Funding or Child Care Licensing. We are a little private family farm call it a "homestead", "Educational CSA Farm" or whatever you want to call it. We like "cottage farm" or just "Home" the best.
-A waver of liability "REQUIRED FOR EVERY VISITOR" What is a WAVER OF LIABILITY? On a "Waver" you agree to wave your rights to sue us in COURT OF LAW for ANY REASON including death, broken bone, trip and fall or any other reason you may feel we did something or our animals did something to cause you injury, illness or misfortune. We will and all our assocites, friends and other visitors are to be held harmless here on the farm. So will go to the front page of the web site and print the "FORMS" you must READ and sign. The WAVER. It says: You agree when you come here any injury sustained here is  "without fault". 
-We offer personal enrichment in farming, art, cooking, animal care and more to all 
-All our activities are conducted in a professional yet relaxed environment with the understnding that animals and farms are dangerous. 
-You must be able to listen, follow directions and pay attention to what is happening arround you AT ALL TIMES.  
 "toddler lessons are only offered to members, by invitation, after a one on one meeting with instructor." Please call for more information. We will not allow any child to participate if we feel they may not be ready. 
-We reserve the right to refuse participation to anyone, for any reason and we reserve the right to cancel any membership, event, workshop, for any reason. Cancellation can be due to obvious weather or non disclosed personal reasons. 
-This is not a "Zoo" it is not a "park" and we are not employees of any Management. This is our home and we have simple rules that must be followed. 
-ALL our animals are rescued both domestic and farm animals, from Chickens to Cats to Dogs to Horses and a pig.  We appreciate your understanding and attention to this note. 

Are you open any set times for members?  We are open for our set events and we offer visits by appointment. We are usually available and appointmets can be made as little as 1/2 hour before your desired arrival. We have found it nessisary to have appointment visits so that we can enjoy our personal time.

What if I don't want to continue? You are not obligated to come to our events or be part of the farm. You can transfer your membership to someone else in writing. We appreciate your support and you can decide not to re-new your membership the following year. 

 Our First Annual, Farm to Fork Dinner Series...
 20 tickets on sale now get yours before they are gone.

About our new "Annual Dinner Series"...

Menu? All dishes are seasonal & grown here on the farm. Sides will compliment the main dish. We offer a selection of fresh hot and cold vegetarian options at all 3 dinners. 

What is this dinner for? Ticket sales are to fund "scholarships" Summer 2018. 
 We thought this would be a fun way to raise money so we can include more future farmers age 5-12 in the Summers. We hope to build a annual tradition of cultural food shared in a fresh way right on the farm. We hope to meet new people, and embrace a new cultural 
tradition on the farm. 

Setting: Every dinner will include cultural music and small performsnce by the students here at the farm.  

Dinner DATES:
March 24th (Veggie)  
May 26th (Lamb/ Veggie)
July 28th (Veggie/Beef)

2018 Fundraiser Dinner Series 
Rodrigo Gimenez Concierno "RGC" 
See video of the Chef in action (above). Rodrigo is the winner of the SB Independent BBQ competition. He is a passionate family man who has generously donated his time to this organic grass roots project.  

How to pay for your "Dinner Series Membership"
$150.00 holds your seats. Pay for tickets on the Sign Up page (above)

The balance is due in 
2 payments of $75.00ea.
To make our Dinners affordable for families the remeining payments are not due until March and again in May before the 2nd and 3rd dinners.
More information and updates will be sent to guests by email as the DInners get closer. We hope you are as excited for this new chapter as we are.

This poetic message from ethical farmer John Darling explains our philosophy....

We must move away from factory farming.

To do that we need to support the building of small farms near the community they serve.
Animals deserve a normal stress and trauma free life.

We think it is a community event to harvest and enjoy food.

This way has almost been lost...please come enjoy the food and culture here with us on the farm 

We hope this sparks your interest and excitement for change is inevitable. We can give up or press on toward a better future. 

We see a bright future and a smooth shift happening. You are a YUGE part to this community action project.

We cant wait to see you here with the animals and in the garden on the farm. 

Grab your boots and come get your hands dirty. The gifts are real and the evidance is clear... We are on the right path. 

See you soon.
Bring the family...
Call to come visit 805-570-5075