Our private family farm Rancho Palomino, Santa Barbara Est.2015

Professional Instructors 2017-2018

Georgia Tracy - Art Instructor
 "I went to nursing school in Boston and graduated in 1978 with my LVN diploma.
The blizzard of 78 got me to move to Santa Barbara.
 I have worked in hospitals and nursing homes and for the last eleven years in Pediatrics.
I am 61 now and I want to hang with kids and have fun!" -Georgia
  "If she likes it... Maybe she will drive for us and continue instruction After School neat year! We love her and know you and the kids will also!" R.P.

Kiani Madrigal - Flamenco 

Kiani has deep Santa Barbara roots, Kiani is a wonderful local business woman who has a wonderful dance studio "Contra Tiempo Flamenco" located in Santa Barbara. She is a master choreographer and dancer who organizes numbers for our celebrated week of cultural heritage here in Santa Barbara "Old Spanish Days Fiesta!" Kiani started dancing as a young girl. This has been her passion and her calling. This is her 2nd year working with us." -R.P.

Angelita Eller - Hawaiian Dance & Culture

"Angelita is the Director of  "Hula Anyone" a dance group here in Santa Barbara. She is dedicated to the perpetuation of Hawaiian hula and Tahitian dance traditions. Angelita's teaching style provides a nurturing platform for all ages to learn traditional dance forms. Angelita is a true gift to our program.this is her third summer with us" -R.P.

Sadie Stern - Animal Care, Horseback Riding

 "I loved my early years of educational experience working for Santa Barbara City Parks and Recreation summer camps (my favorite job EVER). I have more current child development and education experience as a parent of two girls age 9 and 13. 

 I spent 20 years as a professional Artist and 10 years as a small business Art Gallery Owner. I have studied Art and Art History and I love being creative with many artistic mediums including, Batik, Ink, Wood, Photography, Ceramic & Metal Sculpture, Figure Drawing, Life drawing Painting. I also love sewing, crafting, interior and exterior design." 

 "Combining the arts and my passion for the farm has been a life long ambition. I enjoy encouraging everyone to do what they love, and to share their passions. We believe every skill is a opportunity to contribute in life. I cant wait to see you on the farm."  - Sadie

George Bustillos -Archery, Horticulture & Building

 "I am a certified Archery instructor. The key is form and focus. It is a skill, it takes patience and dedication to master.  My career of over 35 years is finish carpentry. My focus on the farm will also extend to some wood building projects over the year - some of which will include students from our personal enrichment courses. 

In the garden. we will focus on the soil, starting new seedlings, planting bed prep and planning. I love the garden. Having passion for food and where it comes from is something we should all share." -G.B.

Emanuele Azzaretto - Cooking

"NEW" Emanuele is Father of one of our students! He was born in Italy and traveled the world working in Hotels as Hotel manager, one of his duties was to train the staff in Italian cooking.

 Cooking has been a family affair for him, his dad writes cookbooks and Emanuele was his sue chef for creating the recipes. Emanuele does some catering part time more for the passion of cooking since he is an energy consultant. We are offering the opportunity to learn how to cook healthy foods, from scratch! To eat heathy is important, not to use prepackaged items but to cook your meals from scratch. It is all about the love and passion for food, and love.