R          Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara
                       private local family farm est 2015

Enrichment Map and Information below

Our Monthly Personal Enrichment Curriculum

OAHE is divided by Theme. Each month we have a unique project that will be worked on for the entire month....Archery and Horseback Riding are also included weekly (weather permitting) 

See themes below... 

2017-2018 Monthly Themes

September: "Home Made Hand Crafts" Clay, Sewing, wood working,

October; "Out in the Garden" Garden planting; Plan, plant, harvest. 

November "All things Warm and Cozy" Cooking, Candle Making, Gift making and all the usual farming.

December; "How to See" studio painting. learning about light and shade 

January; "In the kitchen" Baking, measuring, canning & soups.

February; "finding and using treasures" working with wood, shells

March: "Back Out in the garden" planning and planting the harvest.

April: "How to build it?" using hand tools, drill, saw, screw, hammer and nails. (Every month includes animal care, horses, and work on the farm).

May: "Copy That?" Print making

June "Wrapping it up with AWARDS!" ....SUMMER OPENS 2018