Est. 2015



Mission and Vision
- Encourage and support local urban family farms (under 3 acres)
- Increase our community connection to our silent partners 
(the plants & animals) and increase our connection to 
these relationships.
- Better understand how to care for our planet and it's 
eco-systems through fun educational activities that encourage community participation
- Access to the mental & physical health benefits horses, animal care & farming provide us naturally.
- unique, organic, inclusive, affordable educational enrichment
- Small farming is the future & we want to help find a way there 
- Inspire New & fun community agriculture programs that provide tools to create new ways to share our natural resources.
- Help neighborhoods organize to share free food!
- Together we can take our food to the local level
- Slow FOOD is a direct immediate way to decrease our waste!
- Please join in and inspire us to keep going! 
  "See you on the Farm."  -The RPSB family

George Bustillos & Sadie Stern-Bustillos with rescued horse Apache aka (Pickles) & a Chicken named pig on the Rancho

Rancho Plaomino Santa Barbara 

Location NEWS

- We have outgrown our home location...
- Thank you "M.R.R." we have added this location for activities.
- Earl Warren Showgrounds also added.
- Beaches, Parks and more locations for after school and break activities 2019
 - adding other exciting locations to our Horsemanship, Cultural Arts and Agricultire Afterschool program 2019. 
- We look forward to being exceptionally creative between all of our locations.
- Parks, Trails, Beaches, Local Sights to see and Places to Visit we will see you out and about with students year round.  


- We are becoming "Project Focused" stay tuned for our new non competitive and competitive Groups in Robotic Engeneering, Ag Science and Cottage Crafts. 
- We are re-organizing our After School Program for Next Year! 
- A
dding NEW focused educational material to our cirriculum.

- Interested in 4-H? 
Please send us a email... We want to hear from you!!
- Forming our "projects of interest" for 2019 get involved. 
- We need 5 families to start a group for Santa Barbara City. Email US!

Jump on the school bus!

We have made a plan with the LOCAL "Jump on the School bus" Transportation co. 
- Morning and Afternoon transportation this Summer will be by BUS. 
- We would like to have everyone meet in the Sears UPPPER Parking lot  at 8:30 for Drop off and 4pm for pick up. 
- We will be only a few blocks away. this is a perfect way to have fun and keep our traffic footprint to a minimum at the location.

Trail Walks and Rides are now offered this summer and coming school year. 

- I grew up riding trails in Santa Barbara and Goleta.
- We need to protect the right of equestrians to use trails and share the beautiful country that we love. 
- I am so excited to add trail riding and walks this coming year. 
- We will go to many locations and enjoy trail riding and nature.
- We have so many trails to see and experience I am excited to get our horses and students out together
- WE have added horses to our program that are ready to go and we have so many places to show them..