R          Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara
                       private local family farm est 2015

Below is a photo of the property when we arrived in 2014. This opportunity was bigger than we could dream. It is hard to believe we are still here building this organic family farm....
"Welcome to our slow project. Farms are a labor of love and should be a welcoming community gathering place." -R.P.

Our Story...

   After 6 years of looking we arrived here at the starting point of our farm... We got right to work on cleaning out the barn. Then we cleared the land of debris and odd items. We built the arena took out random trees, We built the planting beds, and George spent years reviving the orchard.  We wanted to find a couple of horses for the kids who already had experience riding. We had chickens and we felt overjoyed to be doing what we had dreamed of for so long. We cant believe how hard it has become to continue living here. This project has been a dream come true.

 It is a big project to create a full fledged micro farm. We love to share our farm experience like they do in Europe. As kids growing up here George was surrounded by the Chumash and Hispanic cultural influence. Both of us had big family experiences that made us both love food and cooking.. We are passionate about knowing where our food is coming from and moving away from the use of plastics. The grocery store model is so ugly. Commercial consumerism is not a good model for human stewardship of our planet WE knew there had to be another way and we wanted to be part of making that shift happen.

We were influenced by Santa Barbaras's wonderful traditions and cultural appreciation. As a child I went to Camp Lorr, a local camp nestled in the back land of Montecito and Nature camp. George grew up hunting, fishing, as you know Santa Barbara is a huge outdoor living town. The memories of being out in nature left great impression on both of us. We have beaches, parks, mountains and when we grew up we spent time on farms of friends and family, The vision is to keep the old traditions alive to give wonderful memories. We want to be surrounded by family and community, what better way to gather than around food. 

  When I was a kid I grew up in a game selling and playing family. My parents afforded me my passion for horses. As a adult I did not have a budget for horses. We looked for the most needy horses available. We bacame a rescue because of our love and desire to be with horses and other animals. We were told Chocolate was 20 he was actually age 35+ish we aere told by multiple vets and ferriers.. We were told Sweetie Bell was 7....She was 25ish. Sweetie and Chocolate were a bonded pair as soon as Chocolate arrived. 

 Sweetie and Chocolate were two amazing horses that shared the 4 best years here on the farm with us. Chocolate and Sweetie Bell taught many kids how to ride, how to groom and how to care for them. We could never afford 5 acres of land in Santa Barbara but we have found a way to afford this one acre for the past 4 years on a wing and a prayer. 

 One reason I started looking for a place for this farm vision, is because I couldn't find a barn to let me muck stalls. I couldn't afford horses and 2 small children so I went without horses for about 5 years  I have a connection to horses that provides natural therapy, I feel calm and centered when I am with horses. We make space for anyone who feels that same therapy from a farm and needs that connection..

 Over the last 3 years we have added: a little Dexter cow, a Hampshire  pig, Turkeys, chickens, dogs, cats, a bearded dragon, two rescued mini boy goats and a rescued mini horse. Apache (aka Pickles) a 15 year old gelding Quarter/Paint who has come a long way with his trust and fears sense he arrived 2 years ago. We rescued our Gelding Bullet who is a 20yr old Dunn/Quarter.  Bullet came with a bit of arthritis but he is already teaching the kids a few things . We couldn't feel more excited for what is to come. 

We need to find sponsors and community partners to keep growing this little slice of heaven. We hope to offer scholorships in 2018 by building our FARM to FORK!! This dream is still a bit farther away from having secure footing.  Any and every contribution helps us keep going. Please come see what we have to offer, get involved make a donation and help us continue this community farm house. We would love to bring farm enrichment to all who seek it, for many years to come. 

"We dedicate our continued Equine Rescue effort to the loving memory of Chocolate and Sweetie Bell. May they run free together out of physical pain. Both were with us until 11/2017 may they rest in peace."   -Rancho

 What is Rancho?

Rancho Palomino is a jewel in the hills of Santa Barbara. It is a Family Farm founded by Sadie Stern and George Bustillos with the mission to bring to our city a place that truly celebrates the principals of our compassionate community.  Rancho Palomino inspires and strengthens youth and families by offering a sanctuary in the middle of our busy world.   Personal enrichment, art workshops, instruction and active hands-on experience in sustainable farming, world class archery and horseback riding are a few of the treasures that await all who visit the Rancho. 
 Dr. Angela Kelly PHD MOAM

Our First Connection to Cultural Enrichment was... 

Angelita Eller (picture Right) owner of "Hula Anyone"
was the first person we contracted to teach the kids Hawaiian culture. She is a jewel in our community, she was the perfect complement to our vision to bring cultural enrichment to the farm environment. 
 Kiani Madragel (pictured left) of "Contra Tiempo Flamenco" bringing  us Flamenco and Spanish Cultural Enrichment Kiani is a local born woman who has her own dance studio. Check both of these instructors out..
WE are starting Bird Watching, Ceramics and other enrichment offers soon!
 We look for new Cultural Enrichment instructors to partner with all the time. Currently looking for story tellers, puppet makers, and other interesting arts enrichment subjects.

1,000+ Happy Customers

Year one 2014 we had maybe 100 likes on Facebook. Year two 2015-2016 we had under 500 likes on FB. 
  Now we have almost 1500 likes on our Facebook page... We thank EVERYONE for all  the love and support! We hope you follow us on FB. Stay in touch and see photos of all the activities weekly via the Facebook page
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Add a Pig, Cow, 2 brother Goats, Turkeys, Chickens... and a Horse rescue...oy vey

One at a time we grew the rescue through saying "yes" to all the people who needed a place for their pets....
"Well... We are a farm and they had farm animals." 
 We have always rescued all our animals from less fortunate situations. we have loved the experience every animal brings to the wild little farm animal community here, 
 "Who knew pigs bark?." The farm is a truly unique down home type of perfect imperfection. Through trial and error we keep things moving in the right direction, You have to understand we didn't grow up farming. We just wanted to all our lives. Farming is a multi skill job. No days off it's a 24/7 - 365 commitment. Every animal we take sin has to be fed, and cleaned up after, loved, vetted  and cared about.  
 Currently we are looking for sponsors for Feed, Vet, Medications, Ferrier, for any of our animals...We carry the expenses and can always use a hand.
 We feel fortunate to be here in the position to share the land with the community. It is important we hold principals like "Build a longer table not a higher fence."