R          Rancho Palomino Santa Barbara 
                       & Quail Creek Archery Range ... PRIVATE FAMILY FARM est 2015

1/17/2018 We can do this!?!... I question that all the time.

Farmer's Note:

By supporting Rncho Palomino you are making it possible for us to continue our farm dream. If farming was easy everyone would be doing it. We have a responsability to one another to grow food. I have thought long and hard about this and I see it as the only way to help along the process of removing plastic wrap from our food system.

I wish this was FREE! With your help today we will be able to lower our prices down the road. We can not keep going without support from the community. Santa Barbara does not have farms because of the cost of living. We are trying to find a way to change that by creating a model that can be copied in urban settings.

We have to make a decision about plastic and our environmental impact. If we come together over farming we can sneak our way past the gigantic food system we have in place. We can stop emissions, we can eat fresh unwraped food every day, because it is right next door!

Join our farm it is $20 per month paid for in one payment per year $250.00, You get to be part of this quiet movement of Culture and Community against the machine. Imagine stopping by the farm to grab your groceries, imagine cooking with friends and taking some for your family. It is about making different decisions. This is a experiment, A project to see if it is even possible to make a shift. I am not sure we can, but we are trying. nothing can come about if we dont try.

The struggle is real, nothing we are doing is easy or guaranteed. You have to support to help it grow. Come help out, become a member help us expirament to see if we can create a movement... A movement of connectedness, culture and responsability. if everyone paid $20 per month how much could we do and what would that look like?  Help us find out. We want to be less trashy and I think we can be one little farm at a time.

Thank you for reading, there it more to come... 

Below is a photo of the property when we arrived in 2014. This opportunity was bigger than we could dream. It is hard to believe we are still here building this organic family farm....
"Welcome to our slow organic project. Farms are a labor of love and should be a welcoming community gathering place." -R.P.

Our Story...
We originally started farming in our back yard on Alamar Ave. when we first had Chickens and they layed eggs I could not eat them. I would gag and feel so crazy that I could not eat a fresh egg. after a few weeks I did get my mind unprogrammed but it literally took weeks before I was able to eat and enjoy the fresh eggs we raised.

 I mean who wouldnt want a fresh egg? my brain was programmed to want my eggs out of a carton from the grocery. this was not ok with me and so I set off on a mission to be a Artist and farmer...Our home town happens to be a difficult place to afford land. I am a fine artist and George is a carpenter... 

We didnt want to stop growing our food and raising chickens so my husband and I  kept farming in our yard. I kept looking and dreaming of having a bigger farm. I missed having horses and we wanted to grow more food  to share with more people. 

After 6 years of looking EVERY DAY...I gave up!

I sat in the yard and I talked to the Universe about how I was happy with the little farm we had. and that I would be ok without the horses for a few more years. I said I was content to let it go until later after our kids were grown...

(two months later...) 

BOOM we were given notice they were selling the house and we had to move...Unbelievibly I had seen this crazy location with a barn on Craig's list.  I looked it up and it was still "for rent"!! they wanted 800.00 More than what we were paying...We couldnt afford it...


I wasnt going to give up!  This was too close to what we could afford... 

I called and explained the whole story about what we wanted to do. I asked the owner for a break on the rent for the first year... we sublitted our application ...and 
...the owner agreed!!!  a couple days later we Moved in.  

We would not be here if many factors did not align for it to happen...ANd so ...After 6 years of searching and after giving up on finding a property we could afford, in the town we are from...we Magically arrived here at the starting point of our BIG little Farm dream...

We got right to work cleaning out the barn and the land of debris. We built the arena took out random trees, We built up the planting beds by making our manure into soil.

 George has spent 4 years reviving the orchard, planting, composting, renforcing and making a garden area for greens. We had always had animals so George built our coop and we rescued a flock of chickens.  

 We wanted to find a couple of horses for the kids and me, who already had experience riding. We looked for the most needy horses we could find. We rescued two old horses and that was the beginning of the rancho Equine rescue and rehab. 

  It is a big project to create a farm and our vision is to share our farm and the experience of building a community farm as new farmers. We shift from consumer to producer and provider of community supported food..

 We hope to one day generations from now have this place giving wholesome food to this community for a yearly contribution of just $20 per month. We love the idea of growing to be more like other countries who have rich community arround food and culture. 

As kids growing up here George was surrounded by the Chumash and Spanish cultural influence. Both of us had big family experiences that made us love food and cooking.. We are passionate about knowing where our food is coming from and moving away from the use of plastics, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and other yucky stuff that we have accepted from our grocery store and commercial brain washing. 

The grocery store to table model is so ugly. Commercial consumerism is not a good model for human land and environmental stewardship. our planet is relying on us getting our shit together where trash is concerned.

 We all love our planet and we know there is a better way. The thing is that TO MAKE THIS SHIFT WE ALL HAVE TO GET totally INTO IT. The trashy model of plastic wrapped everything is going to have us extinct we are here armed with knowlege. We have no solution other than lets do something about it.  

This is a project that is unfolding as we are living it. it is growing with us as new farmers. we have learned so many valuable lessons. I think it is a trade and a useful skill that we need to cultivate as a whole world.. What better than a community gatering place that is supported by the community and has live in full time caretakers. Our ends do not meet. We have begged borrowed and worked tirelessly to make a welcoming place to share the joy of raising animals and food. It is still somewhat rough arround the edges we are a real life family...so it looks like a family farm that welcomes visitors to a local place to gather cook, eat and talk about our world and how we can make better choices.

We have been influenced by Santa Barbara and all the wonderful traditions and cultural appreciation it has. As a child I went to Camp Lorr, a local camp nestled in the back land of Montecito it was a magical place many locals remember. Still running "Nature Camp" and so many others. George grew up hunting, fishing, and hiking.

 The memories of being out in nature left great impression on both of us. We have beaches, parks, mountains and when we grew up we spent time on farms of friends and family, The vision is to keep the old traditions alive to give wonderful memories. We want to be surrounded by family and community, what better way to gather than around food. 

 I grew up in a  board game playing family. My passion for horses was from a very young age at my grandpa Friedman's farm on Kellog in Goleta. As a adult I did not have a budget for horses. We bacame a rescue because of our love and desire to be with horses and help other animals as much as possible.

Over 3 years we have added: a little Dexter cow who we hope to breed soon, a Hampshire pig who is not going to be staying forever but we are giving him a wonderful home. We are trying to move away from factory processed fast food. Inorder to do that we feel it is important to be part of the process of raising food in a humaine way, so we have decided to learn how to raise our own animals both to love and to eat we feel animal proteen is essential to a balanced and healthy diet we also respect people who feel differently.

We have 2 lesson horses Apache (aka Pickles) a 16 year old gelding Quarter/Paint who has come a long way with his trust and fears that he had when he got here. He arrived 2 years ago. We rescued our Gelding Bullet who is a 20yr old Dunn/Quarter.  Bullet came with a bit of arthritis but he is already teaching the kids a few things . We couldn't feel more excited for what is to come. 

We need more Members, sponsors and community partners to keep growing this little farm. We hope to offer scholorships to kids in Summer 2018 by Husting a FARM to FORK series with Chef!! 

This dream is still far away from having secure footing.  Any and every contribution helps us keep going. Please come see what we have to offer, get involved make a donation, start a farm or just come help us create this one and help us build a more connected food community. We would love to bring farm enrichment to all who seek it, for many years to come. 

"We dedicate our continued Equine Rescue effort to the loving memory of Chocolate and Sweetie Bell our first rescued Horses. May they run free forever"

Become a Memer today! Membership supports the farm $20 per month. Membership is paid in one payment yearly.. Go to the Sign-up page to find out more. 

Thank you to our community of support we would not be without your commitment to this project
- Sadie ...Artist, Dreamer & Farmer

 What is Rancho?

Rancho Palomino is a jewel in the hills of Santa Barbara. It is a Family Farm founded by Sadie Stern and George Bustillos with the mission to bring to our city a place that truly celebrates the principals of our compassionate community.  Rancho Palomino inspires and strengthens youth and families by offering a sanctuary in the middle of our busy world.   Personal enrichment, art workshops, instruction and active hands-on experience in sustainable farming, world class archery and horseback riding are a few of the treasures that await all who visit the Rancho. 
 Dr. Angela Kelly PHD MOAM

Our First Connection to broader subjects in  Cultural Enrichment Instructors was... 

Angelita Eller (picture Right) owner of "Hula Anyone"
was the first person we contracted to teach the kids Hawaiian culture. She is a jewel in our community, she was the perfect complement to our vision to bring cultural enrichment to the farm environment. 
 Kiani Madragel (pictured left) of "Contra Tiempo Flamenco" bringing  us Flamenco and Spanish Cultural Enrichment Kiani is a local born woman who has her own dance studio. Check both of these instructors out..
WE are starting Bird Watching, Ceramics and other enrichment offers soon!
 We look for new Cultural Enrichment instructors to partner with all the time. Currently looking for story tellers, puppet makers, and other interesting arts enrichment subjects.

1,000+ Happy Customers

Year one 2014 we had maybe 100 likes on Facebook. Year two 2015-2016 we had under 500 likes on FB. 
  Now we have almost 1500 likes on our Facebook page... We thank EVERYONE for all  the love and support! We hope you follow us on FB. Stay in touch and see photos of all the activities weekly via the Facebook page
Feel free to write a comment about us below...and LIKE us on FB Today.

Add a Pig, Cow, 2 brother Goats, Turkeys, Chickens... and a Horse rescue...oy vey

One at a time we grew the rescue through saying "yes" to all the people who needed a place for their pets....
"Well... We are a farm and they had farm animals." 
 We have always rescued all our animals from less fortunate situations. we have loved the experience every animal brings to the wild little farm animal community here, 
 "Who knew pigs bark?." The farm is a truly unique down home type of perfect imperfection. Through trial and error we keep things moving in the right direction, You have to understand we didn't grow up farming. We just wanted to all our lives. Farming is a multi skill job. No days off it's a 24/7 - 365 commitment. Every animal we take sin has to be fed, and cleaned up after, loved, vetted  and cared about.  
 Currently we are looking for sponsors for Feed, Vet, Medications, Ferrier, for any of our animals...We carry the expenses and can always use a hand.
 We feel fortunate to be here in the position to share the land with the community. It is important we hold principals like "Build a longer table not a higher fence."