Est. 2015



SUMMER outdoor ARTS Exploration subjects...
 Wool Roving, Jewelry, SMALL Ceramic Hand Building & Wood whittling. 
Leather Tooling, Silk Batik, Cultural Art & Needle Felting.
expirament with fabric and fiber dyes

Dream - Work - Play - Love - Repeat 

What is Rancho Palomino?
We are a 100% Organic, home made, family supported and operated
educational enrichment public benefit project

professionally taught personal enrichment subjects include;
 Horsemanship, Studio Arts, Cultural Arts, Crafts, Cooking
Traditional Archery, Agriculture, animal care, Farming & Horseback Riding

Build core skills for success through experiential learning 
Leadership training, team work, team building, compassion and awareness.
Build focus, work ethic, creative thinking, problem solving and collaboration.
increase coordination, courage, empathy, individual and group responsibility.

When school closes we open for activities
we offer private and community enrichment opportunities
Private Lessons, Trail Riding, Camping with horses, cooking & creative arts 

Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursday All Schools Welcome
2018/2019 Carpool pick up and parent drop off for after school enrichment

school Closures in Spring, Fall, Winter & Summer "we hold full day activities."
 Meet us at Parks, Arenas and Other Places 
"after school (closed WEd & Fridays ) 
ALL ages Welcome

Inspiring dreamers of the future by sharing the cultural traditions of our childhood. Traditions of our local community that we have grown up to cherish and love.
To preserve the past we must pass it to the future, so the love can grow again.

 A Santa Barbara community inclusive micro-farms for sustainability project

Thank You For your kindness and support! 
"See you on the farm!" -the RPSB Family

New exciting locations

Horsemanship & team work

      Building Friendships                              ART                              Traditional Archery

2018 Summer Personal Enrichment Location 
MEET DAILY at Sears Upper Parking Lot & 
"Jump ON the Rancho Palomino SUMMER Fun Bus"