Est. 2015



WE HAVE MOVED OUR Activities...
 thank you, Earl Warren Showgrounds!...The Perfect Place for Our Program to Grow! 
preserving Santa Barbara's rich horsemanship and agricultural heritage
- NEW Horse Show opportunities this Summer! 

- We will be adding educational material that includes awesome Animal and Agriculture curriculum. 
  Here WE GROW....

Dream - Work - Play - Love - Repeat 
Thank you to our 2017-2018 Families and Supporters.
Without you we could never have come this far!

What is Rancho? We are a 100% Organic, home made, family supported and operated
educational enrichment public benefit project

professionally taught personal enrichment subjects include;
 Horsemanship, Studio Arts, Cultural Arts, Crafts, Cooking
Traditional Archery, Agriculture, animal care, Farming & Horseback Riding

"Our program focuses on instinct reliance 
 intuitive thinking and environment awareness. 
We also explore how our emotions affect our interactions 
with each-other, our environment and animals"

Leadership Skills 
 team work, team building, compassion, farm science, focus and awareness
work ethic, creative thinking, problem solving, collaboration, coordination
bravery, individual and group responsability

"When school closes... We open!" Now at Earl Warren Showgrounds 2019!
 After School, m-f Carpool pick up. Spring, Fall, Winter and Summer Holidays
full day activities, Parks and Places "after school m-F" ALL ages Welcome.

"Welcome dreamers of the future... We are a 
Santa Barbara community farming for sustainability project.
Thank You For your kindness and support!"

Our Mission and Vision? 
- to encourage and support growth of American urban family farms (under 5 acres). 

- increase our community connection to our silent partners (the plants & animals)
- better understand how to care for our planet and it's eco-systems.

- Lessons and access to the mental & physical health benefits animal care 
& farming provide us naturally.
- Inclusive, Affordable Educational enrichment
- Small farming is the future and community agriculture programs teach us how.
- together we can take our food back to the local level and decrease our waste!